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SoftExpert Requirement

SoftExpert Requirement is a powerful enterprise software helping companies easily ensure compliance. The solution makes dealing with the changes and impacts of new laws, standards and regulations less complex.

The software streamlines management of tasks such as specifying, updating, publishing, maintaining and communicating requirements, minimizing costs and risk exposure. Applicable requirements can be defined for each business unit, business process or department, tracking implementation in real time. The solution allows for detailed audits and assessment of whether requirements are being met. Gaps can be quickly addressed, strengthening compliance.

In addition to internal policies, SoftExpert Requirement meets requirements established by international standards and regulations such as ISO, HIPAA, FDA, WFMC, COSOSOX and others.




  • Provide a wizard to simplify requirement importing.
  • Build a library of requirements to gather, track, and respond to new and changing regulations.
  • Streamline management by bringing a wide range of requirements, from different laws, standards and regulations, into an integrated environment.
  • Manage requirements by business unit, department, process or control.
  • Assess requirement applicability and gain a clear view of your compliance status.
  • Track implementation of requirements in real time through custom workflows and action plans.
  • Satisfy the specific requirements of different industries and countries in a flexible way.
  • Standardize organizational policies and compliance management processes, preventing penalties and reputational damages.
  • Periodically review requirements to ensure compliance with current standards and laws.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies and accelerate regulatory compliance programs.
  • Consolidate information from multiple regulatory bodies.
  • Manage compliance deviations and reduce their impact on the business.

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