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SoftExpert Performance

SoftExpert Performance is a software solution for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) management. The solution does more than just measure KPIs, allowing for robust and intelligent management of business performance.

With the solution, you can manage everything from process or departmental KPIs up to a complete business strategy. Companies can use the SWOT matrix, actionable scorecards and interactive strategy maps to place strategy at the heart of corporate performance management. With an intuitive interface, scorecards can be built quickly and easily. The software helps to define and deploy strategies and regularly monitor progress. The solution helps to prevent surprises. When a KPI underperforms, the system can trigger workflows or action plans to ensure that business objectives are met. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be adapted to several performance management methodologies, such as Balanced Scorecard (BSC).


The tool has broad integration capabilities. KPIs can be automatically fed from external applications, such as a CRM or ERP, or from other SoftExpert Suite components. This prevents errors, makes data more reliable and results in more secure decision-making.

SoftExpert Performance streamlines communication of results across the entire enterprise. It allows you to create advanced presentations using graphs, dashboards, reports and strategy maps, ensuring that people clearly understand trends and what numbers mean. The software is mobile-enabled and provides results at your fingertips in real-time.



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