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Measurement Systems Analysis

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SoftExpert MSA

SoftExpert MSA is a multiuser and multidepartment system that incorporates tools for organization, classification and research allowing for immediate and simple access to all information on studies that have been carried out.

The solution analyzes the measurement process and allows for the understanding of factors (human, instruments and external factors) that may cause variations in the results of the measurement system. It allows for the evaluation of quality and reliability of a system allowing for continuous improvement by means of the analysis of repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) studies information, ANOVA, tendency, linearity, stability and cross tabulation methods, signal detection and analytical.

Utilized in a variety of manufacturing industries and metrology laboratories, SoftExpert MSA enables companies to standardize and accurately measure systems according to international regulations such as IATF 16949 while reducing costs, risks, and adapting to different methods of analysis for specific processes and products.


MSA data

MSA results


MSA tasks


  • Provides a guide to assist in formal development of a measurement system.
  • Establishes manufacturing process acceptability.
  • Classifies equipment based on a range or criteria such as lab applications, place of utilization, equipment type, etc.
  • Demonstrates how to find the root cause of measurement processes and explore causes based on investigation.
  • Standardizes measurement processes involved with equipment calibrations.
  • Provides standardized methods of data measurement collection.
  • Maintains documented procedures and instructions for the execution of studies.
  • Defines specific ranges for each type of equipment and their characteristics analyzed.
  • Integrates documents, calendars, stability studies, bias, linearity, R&R, ANOVA and other.
  • Compares equipment performance before and after repairs and maintenance.
  • Provides complete analysis using graphs, amplitude, errors, histograms, linearity and others.


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