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SoftExpert Incident

SoftExpert Incident is a software that ensures that product and process issues are properly and efficiently handled through an integrated process that tracks and manages the complete incident lifecycle from the initial report through investigation, root cause analysis, resulting actions (CAPA) and follow- up verification of effectiveness.

SoftExpert incident management solution establishes a standard system for incident intake and automates incident management activities facilitating collaboration on incidents and tracking the progress of investigations.


The system is aligned with key elements of the major frameworks such as ISO, FDA and ITIL. However, configurable workflows, forms, and business rules mean that the system can be set up to match the organization’s unique requirements. Some applications may include:

  • Incidents related to IT system anomalies and information security.
  • Non-conformances related to incoming materials, components, parts, and finished products.
  • Deviations in manufacturing processes.
  • Variances in performance management.
  • Near-misses to help identify and mitigate potential problems and systemic risks.
  • Loss events.
  • Break in the compliance to the law, policy, procedure, licensing or standards.
  • Environmental accidents and workplace injury/illness.




  • Reports and runs incidents from mobile devices.
  • Manual recording of incidents as well as automatic triggering of incident workflows.
  • Automated investigation processes, task assignments and reminders using workflow capabilities.
  • Assists in evaluating resource allocation, providing a resource-focused view of workload distribution.
  • Complete real-time visibility into incident data with analytics for trend analysis.
  • Timely resolutions by defining response and resolution SLAs with defined escalation paths.
  • Resolution actions kept on record for compliance reporting and audits.
  • Has a unique portal for external users to initiate activities and requests.
  • Allows you to enter hours directly in the SoftExpert Activity Control component.
  • Data consistency guaranteed by using standard data entry forms.
  • Supports records on and control of operational loss events.
  • Incident monitoring with a variety of configurable reports and online portals.
  • Self-service portals with access to the SoftExpert Knowledge Base, with the ability to provide information in multiple languages.
  • Control activity execution using our customizable Kanban system portal.

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