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Environment, Health and Safety Management

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SoftExpert EHSM  is a software for environmental, health and safety management that facilitates the complete and closed-loop management of the EHS program, drastically reducing the risk of health and safety incidents and strengthening compliance with environmental regulations and labor laws. The solution helps organizations maintain compliance and efficiently manage and track key processes based on organizational SOPs, local, national and international government regulations, and compliance guidelines such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and similar standards for environmental, health and safety management.

The complete set of capabilities offered by SoftExpert EHSM for driving continuous improvement includes incident management and investigations, environmental management, audits and inspections, management of change (MOC), proactive measures and risk management, corrective and preventive action, waste management (treatment, storage, and disposal requirements), and compliance management. With the help of an integrated and advanced framework, these processes can be simplified and strengthened to improve the performance of the EHS program.

Environment, Health and Safety Management – EHSM

Main Benefits

  • Reduce the time and resources that are involved in meeting compliance requirements.

  • Generate awareness regarding regulatory requirements within the organization.

  • Maintain a complete audit history of all activities.

  • Reduce costs related to fines and penalties due to disregard of legal issues.

  • Reduce waste, including wasted raw materials, utility waste and waste disposal costs.

  • Promote accurate identification of regulatory requirements and issues affecting management system performance.

  • Promote continuous improvement in EHS performance.

  • Engage the workforce and identify and act on hazards before they impact safety.

  • Protect asset integrity and optimize production by reducing unplanned downtime and outages.

  • Incorporate risk management into daily operations with integrated business processes and shared data and workflows.

Solution Overview


Return on Investment (ROI)

In this sense, SE EHSM offers a wide range of natively integrated tools (components) to fully assist all phases of management process, supporting performance management, balance between tangible and intangible assets, transparency of processes and improvement of stakeholder confidence, with the following main advantages

  • Lowered TCO through increased reliability and scalability leading to greater administrative productivity.
  • Increased user productivity with the ability to communicate whenever and wherever needed with collaboration tools.
  • Streamlined solution operations and reduced risk by leveraging a full range of capabilities.
  • Compliance with major regulations.
  • Reduced ongoing costs with flexible financing and support options.
  • Allows for modular and incremental implementation, with worldwide services and support.

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