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SoftExpert Audit management software is designed to help companies to manage all the audit process. Through a single integrated platform, the solution manages all the steps, from audit planning, preparation, scheduling, development of audit plans and checklists, to execution, observations, reports and monitoring.

The solution manages all the auditor competences and abilities, as well as their work schedule, and handles all types of audit, such as internal audits, operational audits, IT audits, supplier audits, risk/control audits and quality audits. As a complete and flexible solution, SoftExpert Audit connects with other SoftExpert Suite tools, such as Asset Management, Projects and Business Process. NCR and CAPAs can be started directly from audit findings, ensuring the robustness of audit programs. Stakeholders can track audit status through intuitive portals, with clear information updated in real-time.

SoftExpert Audit management software provides the control required to meet the requirements of international regulations related to social responsibility, governance, quality, environment, and health and safety, such as: ISO 26000ISO 9001ISO 14001ISO 45001ISO 19011ISO 13485FDA, etc.




  • Automates the entire audit process from planning, execution to reporting and tracking.
  • Allows Audits to be planned from scratch or from ready-to-use templates.
  • Enables Auditors to plan from a single Audit job up to a complete annual Audit program.
  • Streamlines the record of audit findings, automates the investigation process and starts corrective action plans when necessary.
  • Optimizes audit cycle times through automatic task assignment and escalation, email-based notifications and alerts.
  • Ensures audit consistency, managing in a single environment all audit-related information, such as documents and findings.
  • Manages Auditor profiles, ensuring the correct Auditor assignment to meet audit scope and requirements.
  • Flexible definition of audit scope, by integrating with processes, areas/departments, products, assets, projects, etc.
  • Easily sets up workflows to automate review and approval process.
  • Allows the user to download audit checklists to work offline.
  • Automates report generation and information sharing through Web portals or PDF.

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