Top 10 Business Automation Solution Providers 2021


Automation, especially with the power of Al can help businesses refine these experiences, resulting in higher sales, better use of resources and greater customer satisfaction. Gartner's top automation predictions for 2021 include growth in hyper-automation, which is an amalgamation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) working in harmony to automate business processes.

Other examples include automating daily mundane tasks such as job application processing, payroll management and data analysis, which leads to better productivity, efficiency and much higher return on investments. Moreover, automation in business gives fewer margins of error and provides transparency and consistency in work output which further improves customer satisfaction.

At this juncture, there are a wide variety of solution providers entering the industry with a set of standard business automation solutions. To assist solution providers reinforce their operational capacity and facilitate growth in the sector, CIOReview Europe has compiled a list of Top 10 Business Automation Solution Providers in Europe The list comprises of prominent organisations and solution providers and includes insights, best practices and advice for aspiring CIOs and CXOs.

We present to you CIOReview Europe's "Top 10 Business Automation Solution Providers in Europe - 2021".

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Driving Excellence in Digital Experience

with Smart Methodology

Business digital transformation does much more than merely focus on process improvement and optimization; it considers providing the  best digital experience possible  for clients, employees, suppliers and managers. The adoption of the business automation concept has let organisations discover that this process does not begin or end with the purchase of a certain technology or software.

For example, in recent years business automation solutions trends have been focusing on three interconnected components: employee experience improvement, better engagement of business partners / representatives, and multichannel experience for clients. Each trend represents unique challenges for businesses, from finding the right balance of virtual channels and robotic employees to detecting the best candidates for automation, besides keeping and increasing legal compliance and efficiency to promote collaboration.

To address these challenges, Terzion DX, a Turkey-based intelligent automation company, is helping organizations to drive excellence in business digital experience through intelligent end-to-end process optimization technology. By blending process-centric strategic thinking with the precision of facilitating technologies that underpin transformation, the company helps its clients to redesign their processes for the digital age, when all the interfaces currently used in the business world can be substituted for one: WhatsApp, Telegram, Teams, or any other communication way we find to be simpler and more useful.

Terzion’s expertise is understanding various business hardships to further suggest a company’s digital experience redesign and optimization, utilizing their technology to provide end-to-end support and customer satisfaction. “Being consultants and developers, we can deliver long-lasting solutions in regard to any specific business case,” states Haydar Koçak CEO of Terzion DX.

 Our differential is the quality of our end-to-end process improvement and management approach, both with in-house developed platforms and other software partner-companies, which are leaders in their segments. This hybrid business model allows us to keep our portfolio and services updated as the market develops and new challenges appear; and the best part is that the IT infrastructure becomes more robust at the same time that we make it simple for users to access these channels and get their benefits. This is the digital experience redesign.

Haydar Koçak • CEO of Terzion DX


Terzion’s delivery approach provides a holistic depiction of the enterprise to help customers integrate strategy, processes, and systems. Its end-to-end process improvement methodology—Terzion Smart Methodology—consists of four steps.

  1. Process discovery and mapping is the first phase, where businesses can have a complete visualization of their processes, easily uncovering hidden steps, deviations, and all possible different execution paths. The company User Activity Monitoring (UAM), task mining, and Business Process Management (BPM) platforms for this phase.

  2. The second step is to analyze and design the process, which involves supplying the responsible staff with the best tools to understand and organize accurate business models based on as-executed data. For this step, Terzion DX uses specific and integrated platforms for BPM, quality, risk, human development, product life cycle, and asset management.

  3. The next stage in the methodology is the process automation and orchestration, entailing the implementation of changes a business has designed in terms of process optimization and experience improvement. This juncture is carried out with its flagship Qbitra Digital Staff tool, an AI-powered digital employee which automates the workflow with a no-code platform that acts like human employees.

  4. Lastly, the process monitoring phase encompasses continuously tracking the effectiveness of the existing processes, quickly comparing sets of data and attributes, and instantly solving non-compliant issues.

Success Story

Exemplifying Terzion’s operational excellence in a success story, the company assisted Vodafone, a multinational telecom enterprise, to expedite its customer service. With the client operating in 81 cities in Turkey, their immediate challenge was to explicitly enhance the digital customer experience via call centre. Terzion implemented its process mining platform to understand, map, and analyze the customer assistance process.  

To rectify a few discovered issues, the firm employed its Qbitra Digital Staff tool to optimize human tasks with personalized digital workers for improving the response rate and decreasing errors. Now every operation can be performed via WhatsApp on the client, employee and management sides. Continuously monitoring the work effectiveness, customer satisfaction was guaranteed. Within the first six months of implementing Terzion’s solutions, the client saved EUR one million as a result of process improvement. 

Future Prospects

With its feet already in three countries, Terzion DX further plans to expand its solutions to European states and England. In addition to offering low-cost solutions to its customers with a fast implementation cycle using their unique methodology, the firm aims at launching Qbitra Digital Staff to the new market. “About future technologies to be released, we are working on voice recognition projects and one-channel management projects,” concludes Koçak.

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