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SoftExpert Problem is a process-based software designed to determine the main root causes of an IT, quality, safety, health, environmental, reliability or production-related problems, helping organizations identify those aspects that have potential impact on product and service quality.

Problems are best solved by attempting to address, correct or eliminate root causes, as opposed to merely addressing the immediately obvious symptoms. SoftExpert Problem offers all the tools needed to help organizations investigate errors, defects, failures, losses, outages and incidents in a wide variety of industries – from IT service management to product manufacturing.

The solution is aligned with the key elements of major frameworks such as ISO, FDA and ITIL, offering configurable workflows, forms and business rules that match the unique requirements of each organization. Some applications may include:

  • Recurring incidents and known errors.
  • Proactive prevention of incidents, errors and additional problems.
  • Product defects as reported by multiple customer complaints.
  • Audit nonconformances.
  • Tendencies and deviation from the manufacturing processes.
  • Environmental impacts.




  • Reports and runs problems from mobile devices.
  • Assists in evaluating resources allocation, providing a resource-focused view of workload distribution.
  • Manages priorities and deadlines for the tasks required in fulfillment of Service Level Agreements [SLA].
  • Provides a dedicated portal for external users to enter occurrences and perform activities.
  • Allows for conditional escalation of actions to other roles when and where required.
  • Helps users to collect, organize and understand information about a specific incident or a number of related incidents.
  • Evaluates risks in problem resolution, such as complexity, urgency, downtime, and potential impact.
  • Aggregates related documentation, processes, procedures, and action plans for problem records.
  • Intuitive graphic drag & drop tool for root cause analysis and to build problem resolution workflows.
  • Maintains known error records and enables users to search for them in the self-service portal.
  • Self-service portals with access to the SoftExpert Knowledge Base, with the ability to provide information in multiple languages.
  • Allows you to enter hours directly into the SoftExpert Activity Control component.

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