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Enterprise Quality Management

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SoftExpert EQM is the most comprehensive enterprise quality management software (EQMS). It helps companies to achieve and maintain ISO 9001 certification through automated, highly interactive quality processes tailored to an organization’s specific products, operations and business practices.

As a modular and scalable solution platform, SoftExpert Quality Management Software seamlessly integrates all key quality initiatives, including process mapping, documented information (SOP – standard operating procedures, work instructions and records), non-conformance reports (NCR/NCMR), corrective/preventive actions (CAPA), quality indicators (KPIs). The solution also manages supplier relations, customer complaints, quality audits, competence and training, quality risks and controls, quality inspection and statistical process control, increasing QMS agility and robustness.

With SoftExpert EQMS, companies can comply with multiple regulations and standards, including ISO 9001:2015FDA, ICH, and EU. The solution easily manages, tracks and reports all quality metrics in real-time, streamlining informed decisions. It allows companies to coordinate and drive business activities, meet customer and regulatory requirements and improve their effectiveness and efficiency on a continual basis.

Enterprise Quality Management – EQM

Process mapping

Quality performance indicators

Document control

Nonconformities and deviations

Quality tools

Corrective and preventive actions (CAP)

Audit management

Statistical process control

Suppliers qualification and inspection

Competence and training management

Customer satisfaction

Risk management

Main Benefits

Process identification, mapping, implementation and monitoring are handled more effectively.

The delays and inefficiency common to manual activities are eliminated.

Efficiency and agility in planning and carrying out the activities required to maintain the QMS.

Lower document printing costs.

Simplify CAPA management and increase QMS productivity and efficiency.

Accurate identification of regulatory requirements that affect management system performance.

Efficient monitoring of opportunities for improvement, comments, non-conformities, etc.

Optimization of financial resources invested in management programs.

Better relationships with shareholders, customers, the community, suppliers and employees.

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The most complete EQM package offers the following modules:

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